The key benefits of utilizing Tri-Logistic’s Program Management Services are:

Sole point accountability – it is clear to all that the responsibility of provider choice/management, purchase orders, invoices, accelerating, assets checks and quality assurance is strictly on Tri-Logistics
Less Client administration and associated costs – thereby allowing the Client procurement team to focus on the ‘day job’
Fewer interfaces, less risk – the fewer people involved, the less chances there are for action items to be skipped or assumed done and/or lost in the process
Quick response time – Having the Tri-Logistics procurement team sitting alongside the technical team makes for quick decision making, limited learning curves, and ‘on-tap’ specialist advice
Clarity of communication – to counteract any confusion from dealers regarding who they are accountable to, and compared to, when the Client places the order through its own system but Tri-Logistics is charged with expediting
Greater influence to drive project delivery – contractual obligations of time, cost, and quality are monitored and driven by Tri-Logistics