Federal Government

Tri-Logistics has extensive experience fulfilling government and military contracts. With a wide breadth of services and depth of experience, we can confidently offer a true “One-Stop Shop” with single source accountability for any federal agency’s need. Our government specialists also understand the unique challenges faced by military, state, and local governments, and are veterans at providing perceptive insights into getting even the most problematic job done.


Tri-Logistics Healthcare team specializes in medical and hospital facilities, and are committed to finding solutions that satisfy the needs of physicians, staff, and patients alike. We offer a complete line of furniture and fixtures for healthcare environments to improve efficiency while creating a calming, pleasant atmosphere in medical offices, patient rooms, visitor lounges, and nursing home reception areas.

Tri-Logistics also has a variety of storage solutions to house your medical records and office supplies. Office organizational tools help keep information and equipment orderly and close at hand.


Your corporate interior environment has a dramatic impact on how your staff relate to their workplace, and how your customers perceive your organization. Well-planned and stylishly appointed spaces can make all the difference to day-to-day operations. On the other hand, major installations or relocations of commercial furniture, equipment, and fittings can be hard work – especially when operations need to continue without interruption during the transition. Trilogistics can minimize disruption by providing expert guidance and planning prior to the change, and professional administration throughout the project. We have the industry resources and internal flexibility to work within your time, productivity and budget parameters, so the project causes minimal inconvenience to your customers and staff, and the least amount of added stress to you and your management team.


Tri-Logistics understands that the right furnishings can make all the difference in helping you create a positive learning atmosphere. From student touchdown stations, training tables, and teaming environments; to executive, reception, and lounge furniture, we offer a wide range of office solutions that can enhance any learning style or space.

Flexible and space-efficient furniture from Tri-Logistics is built to last and designed to meet the educational needs of students, teachers, and administration. We make it easy to outfit your school system with furnishings.

What makes a high quality work environment?

Comfort – Assuring that work stations are adjustable and suited to the task, whether sitting, standing, spending hours at the computer or on the phone, and that the environment is a welcoming and energizing one
Efficiency – Locating work teams in convenient proximity, placing equipment near workers who use it most
Communication – Organizing each department for the most effective means of communicating internally and externally with co-workers and customers
Productivity – Maintaining a logical flow throughout the office
Effectiveness – Establishing clear goals and objectives for the work environment